BCA raffle terms and conditions (rules)

By making a ticket purchase you agree and acknowledge the following terms and conditions below.


BCA will be drawing the 'Winter raffle' on January 3rd 2021 at 17:00. Party members will have until 11:59am on January 3rd 2021 to secure their tickets.


A draw will be undertaken and administered by the elected Association Treasurer, Thomas Lee, which will be supervised via Zoom and verified by another member of the Association Executive and an independent verifier that is external to the Conservative Party and BCA.


A number of raffle winners will be selected dependant on the final number of prizes available and will be contacted via their PayPal email address within 48 hours of the draw result. A draw will be done for each prize in order to determine a winner for that particular prize. Winners must reply to their 'Congratulations' email within 14 days or they will forfeit their right to receive a prize, which will be re-distributed to another entrant.


Winners will be required to organise the collection of their prizes with the BCA office admin team from 10a Priory Walk, Hinckley.


Prizes range from various festive goodies donated by our members and candidates, including items from the Houses of Parliament online store. All profits raised from sales to BCA Members will go into the associations 'Leicestershire County Council 2021 - Fighting Fund' in order to provide our candidates with the resources they need in next years County Council election.


BCA will monitor ticket sales closely and will reserve the right to open up sales to wider Conservative Party members from other associations in order to bolster fundraising efforts. 100% of Profits raised from raffle sales to BCA members will go into the BCA 'Leicestershire County Council 2021 - Fighting Fund'.


If a member under the age of 18 wins a prize, and the only available prize is an alcoholic beverage, arrangements will be made to find a suitable solution or substitute.


In an unlikely event where a prize may become unavailable due to a change in availability or supply a reasonable substitute will be made by the BCA to the winner of that prize.

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