Welcome to the Bosworth Conservatives 2020 Christmas Raffle.


We will be drawing the Raffle on January 3rd 2021 by circa 17:00. Party members will have until 12:00 on January 3rd 2021 to secure their tickets.


Prizes range from various festive goodies donated by our members and candidates, including items from the Houses of Parliament online store! A full list of announced prizes include:

  1. House of Lords Whisky                                 (Donated and signed by Dr Luke Evans MP)
  2. House of Commons Champagne                (Donated and signed by Dr Luke Evans MP)

  3. House of Commons Merlot                          (Donated by Thomas Lee and signed by Dr Luke Evans MP)

  4. Speakers teddy bear                                      (Donated by Peter Bedford)

  5. Political biography collection including books by Johnson, Cameron and Thatcher                                      (Donated by Dr Ross Hills)

  6. Whisky signed by Thatcher contemporary Francis Maude                                                                                  (Donated by Rosemary Wright)

  7. His and Her Fragrence Sets with Black Cherries in Kirsch                                                                                  (Donated by Rosemary Wright)


All profits raised from sales to BCA Members will go into the associations 'Leicestershire County Council 2021 - Fighting Fund' in order to provide our candidates with the resources they need in next years County Council election.


We ask that you kindly support our candidates by purchasing a ticket below to ensure we have the best chance against the Lib Dems and Labour next year!


Good luck in the draw and thank you for your support!


Best wishes,


Dr Ross Hills & Thomas Lee

BCA Chairman and Treasurer 


The raffle store has now closed. Tickets can no longer be purchased. A summary of the winning tickets can be found on the website later this evening once the draw has been completed and verified. 
Good Luck!